Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Want to trade some cards from my recent purchase of Topps 1971

Occasionally, I make a trip to the card shop and make a random purchase. I get a stack of cards, that when I get home, I wonder why I bought them as I know I already have the cards (just some more doubles).  That's what happened recently when I bought some cards from the Topps 1971 set.  It was a repacked stack of about 25 cards and it cost me 75 cents.  It was a deal I just couldn't refuse.

Part of the reason I bought the cards was because one of the cards on the outside of the pack was Jim Britton, card #699.
The card wasn't in great condition, as it looked a lot like many of the black bordered cards from the Topps 1971 set.  It had chipping on the edges and the corners were rounded, but it didn't have any creases.  I remembered that this card was a part of the 6th and last series of the set.  I continue to work on the last series hoping that one day I complete it.  The Britton card is now a part of my set.  I do have all the other cards from the earlier series in the set, but I need maybe about 40 to 50 cards from the last series to finish the set. 

Now I've got about 20 other cards from the Topps 1971 set sitting around.  I started my blog about three weeks ago.  I've been reading other baseball cards blogs where bloggers trade cards.  I would like to get in on some of that action and offer these Topps 1971 cards for trade.

The cards are commons, but if you see any from your favorite team or a player you are collecting, let's make a deal.  These cards aren't in mint condition, as it looks like they've been handled.  I would say they look like the Britton card, a little rough on the edges and some rounding of the corners, but most of them don't have any ceases.

1971 Rookie Tigers Rookies including Lerrin LaGrow and Gene Lamont Card #39 (small crease at bottom of card)
1970 American League Strikeout Leaders Card #71 (crease down the bottom left side of card)
George Brunet Card #73
Jim Spencer Card #78


Donn Clendenon Card #115
Ken Sanders Card #116
Joe Laboy #132 (lower right corner bent)
Mickey Lolich #133


1970 Game #2 A.L. Playoffs Card #196
Rich Hebner Card #212 (slightly round at base of card)
1971 Rookie Stars Padres including Jim Williams and Dave Robinson Card #262
Ron Fairly Card #315

1970 Game #4 World Series Card #330
Tommy Dean Card #364 (gum stain on front of card)
Jack Hiatt Card #371
Wayne Granger Card #379 (slightly round at base of card)


Joe Coleman Card #403
George Springs Card #411
Bod Didier Card #432
Jim Lefebvre Card #459

Aurelio Rodriguez Card #464
Ken McMullen Card #485
Jim Grant Card #509

As you can see, there's nothing great, but if you see any cards you like, just make an offer.


  1. I am interested in the george spriggs, jim grant, bob didier and all 3 historical cards, but have little to offer in return as I am just starting my vintage 70s collection. I could work up something on the fly if your interested. You know... just suprise you.

  2. I've got the cards if you still want them. The strikeout leaders card has a major crease on the left corner. Please send me an email at and we can share info. Thanks Jeremy.

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