Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Card Show in San Francisco Part III

This is the third part about my trip to San Francisco for the TriStar Sportscard show.  At the card show, after looking at thousands of dime cards, it was good to get a break and look at what other dealers had for sale.  Although finding a great dime card is pretty cool, there were a lot more cards at a show to look at and buy.

At this show, I began a search for cards that cost up to a dollar.  There seemed to a number of cards to choose from and I had planned to set aside time to look at and to buy dollar cards.

Sometimes I get really lucky and find vintage cards for a buck and in my next post I will share some of the one dollar vintage cards that I got this past weekend.  But with this post I want to show some of the more recent issued cards, mainly from the 80s and 90s, that I brought home with me.

1983 Donruss    
The 1983 Donruss set is one of their earliest issues and these cards are similar to the cards from the 1981 and 1982 sets.   There are some nice cards in the set and I was able to find a Julio Franco and an early Cal Ripken Jr. card.  The Franco card is his rookie card and shows him as a Phillie.  Is Franco still playing?
 Cal Ripken, Jr.  #279 & Julio Franco #525
1994 Upper Deck SP Previews
Here are a couple 1994 SP Preview cards, from the second year that Upper Deck issued a SP set.  I don't think I have any of these preview cards and reading in my Beckett Almanac I found out that they were distributed as inserts in the Upper Deck regular set 2nd series product. 

  Barry Bonds WR1 & Ken Griffey Jr. WR3
Topps Museum Collection
The Topps Museum Collection card is a nice card and I have a few of them.  I am not sure what a pack of Museum cards sell for as I don't remember seeing any of these in the local card shop.  The thick card stock give these cards a good feel.
 2012 Topps Museum Collection Joe DiMaggio #81 & 2013 Robert Clemente 2013 Museum Collection Canvas Collection CC-14
A Couple Superstar Card
Here are a couple of cards of superstars that I got.  You can't call everyone a superstar, but these two guys would definitely be superstars.  I am always interested in any Michael Jordan baseball card and this 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond card is sweet card.  The Derek Jeter card comes from the 1996 Metal Universe Platinum set and is an early Jeter issue.
 1994 Upper Deck Electric Diamond Michael Jordan #19 and 1996 Metal Universe Platinum Derek Jeter #87
Yankees Greats
Here are a Babe Ruth and Don Mattingly card.  The Babe Ruth card comes from the Conlon Collection.  The Conlon Collection offers some great photographs from an era gone by.  This Babe Ruth photo is from the 1933 All-Star game, as he is nearing the end of his great career.

 1992 Conlon The Sporting News 13th National Collection Sports Collection Babe Ruth #663 & 2005 Zenith Artist's Proofs Silver Don Mattingly #242
Pinnacle Museum Collection Cards
Here are a couple of 1990s Pinnacle Museum Collection cards of Hall of Famers.

 1994 Pinnacle Museum Collection Ryne Sandberg #6 & 1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection Pedro Martinez #235 
1996 Ultra Inserts
1990s Ultra product had numerous insert sets.  If I remember correctly Ultra said that you would get one insert in each pack of cards.  Although at the beginning of the 90s, other card companies had insert sets, but it wasn't until when Ultra started the practice of having many inserts, that by the end of the decade, Upper Deck and Topps began issuing many of their own insert sets. 
 1996 Ultra Call to the Hall Barry Bonds #1 & 1996 Ultra Rawhide Cal Ripken Jr.  #9
Greg Maddux Rookie Cards
Here are two Greg Maddux cards from 1987 update sets during his first tenure with the Cubs.  When these were issued who would have thought that he would become one of the greatest of all time.
 1987 Fleer Update Greg Maddux U-68 & 1987 Topps Traded 70T
Some Shiny Cal Ripken Jr. Card
It was during the 90s when card companies started to issue, what the owner of the local card shop here in my hometown call "Shiny Cards".  It still continues today with Topps products, like Chrome and Finest cards.  Here are a couple of "Shiny" Cal Ripken Jr. cards issued in the 90s. 
 1994 Pacific Silver Prism Cal Ripken Jr. #15 & 1997 Pinnacle Shades Cal Ripken Jr. #5
A Relic Card
I don't normally collect relic and signature cards.  The last signature card I acquired was last year when I got a 2011 Bowman Sterling Sonny Gray card and I did get some relic cards earlier this year in the 2015 Heritage product.  At the show the only relic card I got was a Chipper Jones Game-Used Bat Card for my best friend. 

 2000 Upper Deck SP Game Bat Edition Piece of the Game Chipper Jones #CJ 

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