Monday, November 9, 2015

Topps 2015 Update

On the Halloween night that just passed, my daughter and son-in-law came to my house to watch Game Four of the World Series.  It was a big night of baseball, as a Met victory would have put them back into the series and a Royals win could put them on the cusp of their first World Series Championship in 30 years.
In anticipation of their visit, I got a box of the recently released 2015 Topps Update set.  For many years, I have let my daughter open packs of new baseball card product.  For some people, they find great joy in opening a pack of new cards.  For me, I have just as much fun watching my daughter open a pack of new cards.  In the past, I've bought boxes of Heritage and always waited and let her open the cards.  This Saturday evening was going a first for me, to have my son-in-law open new packs of cards.
I didn't tell them ahead of time that I was getting the cards, so as they were settling in to watch the game, I pulled out the box of cards.  So the two of them took turns opening the packs, they turned it into a competition, as to who would get the better card.  The winner was clearly me.  I got a box of new baseball cards and spent the evening watching a baseball game with my daughter and son-in-law.
Some of the cards that were pulled from the box were:
My son-in-law pulled a Troy Tulowitzki All Star Work Out Jersey card.  This was a first for me.  I've seen jersey cards, but now a "Work Out" jersey card.  Wow, what's Topps going to come up with next? 

Topps 2015 Update All Star Work Out Jersey Troy Tulowitzki Card #STIT-TT
My son-in-law also pulled a Etched in History of Yankee great Mariano Rivera.
Topps 2015 Update Etched in History Mariano Rivera Card #EIH-7
My son-in-law pulled a card of a couple of Silver Slugger Giants.
Topps 2015 Update High-Voltage Card #US-21
Topps continues its practice of including many different insert sets.  Here are a few of those inserts.
Topps 2015 Update Rookie Sensations Cal Ripken, Jr. Card #RS-17
Topps 2015 Update Whatever Works Joe DiMaggio Card #WW-7
Topps 2015 Update Rarities George Brett Card #R-9
Topps 2015 Update Tape Measure Blasts Ted Williams Card #TMB-14
Topps 2015 Update Highlight of the Year Hank Aaron Card #H-69

Probably my favorite Topps 2015 Update insert is Pride and Perseverance set.  I had heard about the Pete Gray card and I was also happy that my daughter pulled one of his card and I was glad to get a William Hoy card.  Hoy, noted for being the most accomplished deaf player in Major League history, had a colorful career at the turn of the 20th century and was inducted into the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame in 2003.  I always like Jim Eisenreich's story and got one of his cards.  Eisenreich played in the Major Leagues for 15 years.  He has Tourette syndrome and in 1990, and was the first recipient of the Tony Conigliaro Award, given annually to a Major League Baseball player who has overcome a significant obstacle in life.

 Topps 2015 Update Pride and Perseverance William Hoy Card #PP-11
Topps 2015 Update Pride and Perseverance Pete (Wyshner) Gray Card #PP-9
Topps 2015 Update Pride and Perseverance Jason Johnson Card #PP-5 
Topps 2015 Update Pride and Perseverance Jim Eisenreich Card #PP-7
Topps continued to include original cards in the Update Series packs.  Some of the cards aren't in great shape but they are still pretty cool.  I don't know if young collectors would know about any of these players' careers, but they might recognize that a surgical procedure that is extending pitcher's careers is named after the Dodger left handed pitcher, Tommy John, or maybe that Nationals outfielder Jayson Worth's grandfather, Dick Schofield, was a major league infielder, or that Royal great George Brett had an older brother, Ken, who played in the major leagues and who, as a 19 year old, pitched in two games for the Red Sox during the 1967 World Series.  
Topps Original Card of Tommy John from the Topps 1974 set Card #258
Topps Original Card of Dick Schofield from the Topps 1968 set Card #18
Topps Original Card of Ken Brett from the Topps 1971 set Card #89

Topps is really selling the Cubs young third baseman, Kris Bryant.  His rookie card is a part of Series Two, and Topps also included new Bryant cards in the Update set.  Bryant had a pretty good year and is likely to be named National League Rookie of the Year.  In the Update Series, Topps issued these four cards featuring Bryant.

 Topps 2015 Update Rookie's Rising Card #US79
Topps 2015 Update Kris Bryant Card #US78
Topps 2015 Update Kris Bryant Card #US242
Topps 2015 Update Kris Bryant Card #US283 
Also, a few other rookie cards were pulled from the box, including a couple of parallel issues. 
Topps 2015 Update Gold Parallel Byron Buxton (#1087 of 2015) Card #US25
Topps 2015 Update Big Parallel Daniel Norris (#04 of 64) Card #US53
Topps 2015 Update Carlos Correa Card #US174
I also got a snow camo of former A's catcher, Derrick Norris, wearing a camo jersey for his new team, the Padres.
Topps 2015 Update Snow Camo Parallel Derrick Norris (#86 of 99) Card #US167 
I've included a list of cards that I have for trade from the update set on my blog. I need a card to complete the set and would like to try to complete the Pride and Perseverance set. If you are interested in trading, just let me know. Thanks for looking.
While watching the 8th inning of game four of the World Series, my daughter invented a new verb that should be added to the English language.  "Murphyed": when an infielder muffs what appears to be a routine ground ball.  An example of usage of the new verb, "Oh, the second baseman murphyed that ball."  Then here is a video example of "murphyed".  No treats, just tricks, for Daniel Murphy on that night.