Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm new at this

I am new to blogging.  I have been reading some other blogs about baseball cards and thought that it would be cool to start my own blog about my baseball card collecting.  I have been collecting baseball cards since the late 60s.  Well except for a short time as a teenager when I started to think more about girls.  Big mistake as I missed out on late series Topps 1972 baseball.  But I was only gone for a year and then resumed collecting, and have been collecting ever since.  I thought that with my blog I could share some of my baseball card collecting experiences with fellow collectors.
I live in North California about a five hour drive from San Francisco so I don't ever get the chance to go to many major league games.  Occasionally, I will take in a minor league game.  In my home town there is only one card shop which I visit every week.  I am really lucky because the owner is a nice guy and understands that I am into the hobby because I enjoy collecting baseball cards.  I am not really into collecting any one team or player or set, but I would say that the A's are my favorite team.  (In Beane we trust, like there's any choice).  Anytime I see I card I like I will add it to my collection.
I selected the name for my blog because one of my best friends is a huge Chipper Jones fan and I got her to start collecting his cards just before he retired.  In the last couple of years she has acquired between 300 to 400 Chipper cards.
This morning, my friend and I visited the card shop and she was able to score a pile of about 30 new Chipper cards, all for $4.  I got to come home with a 1996 Leaf Preferred Steel Chipper.  I didn't have this card.  These are cool as I think it's neat that you can put a magnet on a baseball card.
She was also able to get was one of these 1996 Leaf Preferred Steel Chippers.  I would say that's a pretty good day.

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